Recently Adopted – July 11, 2017

Resolution to Decrease Water Rates

Ordinance to Change City Code

Ordinance to Rezone Cooksey Property

Salary Ordinance

Resolution to Raise Sewer Rates

Ordinance Changes

The City Council recently adopted a few changes to the City Code, which includes the addition of a section on solicitor licensing.

Changes to City Code, Adopted March 14, 2017

Utility Rate Changes Summary

Recent changes have been made to water, sewer and storm water rates and will be effective July 1, 2016.  A summary is as follows:

  • Commercial fees were added for water, sewer and storm water.
  • Residential water rates: 10,000 gallons are now included in the same base rate of $32.75 (rather than 8,333 gallons).  The overage rate structure was simplified.
  • Multi-unit water base rates went from $32.75 down to $28.00/unit, which no longer includes a minimum usage; the overage rate kicks in at 1 gallon.
  • Residential sewer and storm water fees remain the same.

Detailed list of new rates